Geek Tip: Fight Hand Cramps, Carpal Tunnel With These Exercises!

Although doctors say that mouse and computer use is not a severe occupational hazard for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, my hand cramps up somethin' fierce after working all day. To fight those cramps, discomfort, and hand boredom in general, do these quick hand exercises from eHand for mousing relief!

Sit or stand while doing the following exercises, and hold all stretches for a count of five!

  • Extend your hands.
  • Stretch both your wrists and fingers like you're doing a handstand.
  • Then, straighten your wrists and relax your fingers.
  • Make tight fists with both hands and bend them downward.
  • Straighten both your wrists and relax your fingers.
  • If you can stand up, shake out your arms and hands.
  • Remouse!