Future Mac OS X Names

The Californication of Mac OS X: What Could Come After Mavericks

Future Mac OS X Names

No one understands California dreamin' better than the tech conglomerates now nestled in Silicon Valley. Google, HP, and Yahoo! all got their starts in the Golden State, and many a startup has flocked there since.

The Northern California neighborhood is also home to Apple, which proudly inscribes "Designed by Apple in California" on the back of every iDevice. It's no surprise then, that the Cupertino-based company looked to its own backyard for inspiration in naming its newest operating system, Mac OS X Mavericks.

Sadly for feline fanatics, Apple has abandoned cats in favor of a naming scheme derived from The Bear Republic's greatest landmarks. Now that we know cats are out of the question . . . what will the next Mac OS X code name be? Here, we speculate the iconic California symbols and locales that could follow the 10th iteration of Apple's desktop operating system, plus more on the legendary surf spot Mavericks is named after.