Flip UltraHD Digital Camcorder Review

Testing 1, 2, 3: The Flip UltraHD Review

To help capture some Memorial Day weekend festivities, I took the latest camcorder from Pure Digital Technologies — the Flip UltraHD — out for a test drive. Since the first Flip was announced in 2006, these simple-yet-sophisticated cams have not only been the video camera of choice among celebrities, but the general public has fallen in love with them as well (with sales skyrocketing after Oprah sang its praises).

Why is the UltraHD getting so much attention? Unlike its predecessor, the MinoHD that also records video in high-def, the UltraHD ($200) can capture up to 120 minutes of HD video footage with its 8GB of built-in memory — unlike the MinoHD, which is priced at $230 and only holds up to 60 minutes of video. The UltraHD also comes with a bigger, brighter antiglare LCD screen and an HDMI connector output.

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Flip features I love that come with the UltraHD? Well there's the flip out USB arm that makes it easy to upload videos and charge your camera (the UltraHD comes with two rechargeable AA batteries) and the fact that you can practically start recording as soon as you power it on (for those "grab the camera!" moments). I also love that it effortlessly works with so many different video applications including iTunes, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player — making it less of a headache to access your clips.

The Flip UltraHD is noticeably larger than the MinoHD but with its rubbery exterior and the fact that it can go in your purse or beach bag like any other camera or cell phone — the size wasn't really a thumbs down for me. I've uploaded my footage in HD through Vimeo.com so you can get an accurate idea of how clear the picture is (especially after being uploaded online), but if I connect it to my HDTV with a HDMI cable, it's so crisp, you'd be shocked that my video was recorded from a tiny $200 camera.

My sister who just had a baby (and isn't as nearly as techie as me) purchased one to capture all her little one's firsts, and she's already sent me a few videos with remarks on how much she loves her new cam. Overall, it's affordable, takes stellar video footage, and is extremely easy to use.