Protect Your External Hard Drive With a Cooling Case

Oct 2 2008 - 7:30am

I've already told you that it's probably a good idea to get an external hard drive to back up your data [1], but they aren't always the most attractive things to put on your desk. But if you have a good sense of humor, and an affinity for wacky desk accessories, then you'll totally love these External Hard Drive Cases [2] from Meninos [3].


Not only are these cases fun, but they also keep your hard drive cool with a two fan cooler, and they come with a number of essential cords like the USB 2.0, an external AC adapter, and of course a power cord. I could call these kooky and silly, but one word I won't be able to use to describe these cases is: cheap. Each case comes in at $190 bucks, and if you want to buy a hard drive with the case, the price only goes up from there!

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