Digg it? Diggnation Hosts Make Custom Teas

Brad Pitt's great and all, but over here on geek we care about another type of celebrity: The Internet Celebrity! Dorky as it may be, after I make sure that I check PopSugar for what's happening with the growing Jolie-Pitt brood, I also need to know what's happening with my YouTube founders, Google execs, harsh Wikipedia dumpings, etc. If you share the same sick interest, you'll be pumped to see the faces of DiggNation hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht on. . . jars of loose tea?!

Yep, Digg founder Kevin and his cohost Alex have teamed up with Adagio teas to create custom blends like Mintastic and Executus (blood orange with sour apple). It's worth checking out just to see the digg-like ratings on the teas, and if you happen to both love tea and Kevin Rose (you're not really dating Julia Allison, are you, Kevin?).