Diane Von Furstenberg Kindle Cases on Amazon

Dress Your Kindle in Diane Von Furstenberg

I'm not the type to instruct you to go out and spend frivolously on gadget accessories (especially for my ladies on a budget), but if you do have money to burn, run — don't walk to your computer and grab one of these leather Kallie case ($165) caught my eye first (and how could it not?), but the remaining three canvas cases (which are a bit cheaper at $85) are stylish, sophisticated, and classic DVF. Each case will fit your Kindle 2 (with the 6" display), come with either ultra suede or a twill blend interior, and for the career gal on the go, there's even a space for your business cards. Although, if you are whipping out your credit card as we speak (which I'll assume you are), I have just one request — save one for me, will ya?