Dash For Amazon Fresh

The Little Gadget That Goes Grocery Shopping For You

The Little Gadget That Goes Grocery Shopping For You

One-click online ordering and same-day delivery is Amazon Fresh's most glorious gift to grocery shoppers. We didn't think that online grocery shopping could get any easier — but Amazon has upped the ante with Amazon Dash, a remote-control-sized gadget that orders home supplies for you with a quick kitchen scan or voice command.

It's basically a wizard's wand . . . for groceries. State your command, and what you desire will appear at your front door, like magic. Seeing as this is the same company that's trying to offer 30-minute delivery via drones, we're not surprised.

The Dash has a simple two-button design: one for voice recognition and another to enable bar code scanning. Speak into Dash's microphone (say, "apples," "Cinnamon Toast Crunch," or "chocolate chips"), and it'll add those items to your grocery list. The bar code scanner works similarly for millions of items from produce to electronics to pet goods on Amazon Fresh and Amazon.com. Since Dash is connected to your home's WiFi network, it adds items to your shopping list immediately. Log online via the website or mobile apps to purchase and schedule a delivery.

The craziest part? Amazon Dash is absolutely free. If you have an Amazon Fresh account, you can sign up for a Dash invite by filling out this form. The "Amazon Prime for food" is still limited to Seattle, San Francisco, and Southern California but will expand to other areas in the near future. You may never have to leave your house again, ever.

Source: Amazon Fresh