The Most Hilarious Tweets From the Great #CreationDebate

Feb 4 2014 - 5:49pm

The great Creation Debate went down tonight [1], pitting Bill Nye the science guy against creationist Ken Ham to debate — you guessed it — creationism and evolution. Who should be declared the victor might not be totally clear, but what is for sure is that these tweets won the night.

I'm out. I can't do this without popcorn and/or booze. I'll catch the highlights reel in the morning. #creationdebate [2]

— Party Feminist Style (@CircleCityStyle) February 5, 2014 [3]

I hope Neil deGrasse Tyson bursts through the wall like the Kool Aid guy and sets up a third podium #creationdebate [4]

— Katharine Heller [5] (@spkheller) February 5, 2014 [6]

how do u explain this selfie #creationdebate [7] pic.twitter.com/yVP8zaYlx3 [8]

— Sputnik Sweetheart (@Verlieren) February 5, 2014 [9]

He busted out the Periodic Table and fish sex. Nye FTW. #creationdebate [10]

— rachel diCerbo (@a_rachel) February 5, 2014 [11]

It's true. Lion teeth are not set up for broccoli. #creationdebate [12]

— David Creech (@DyingSparrows) February 5, 2014 [13]

Watch next week as Neil deGrasse Tyson debates Sonic the Hedgehog on whether regeneration happens after landing on a spike #creationdebate [14]

— The Fake CNN (@TheFakeCNN) February 5, 2014 [15]

can it really be a science debate with out these guys #creationdebate [16] pic.twitter.com/xmVzLkF6tE [17]

— adam hon (@ahon007) February 5, 2014 [18]

I dated a marine biologist, so I can confirm that fish are, in fact, dirty sinners. #creationdebate [19]

— Elizabeth (@eahauck) February 5, 2014 [20]

#creationdebate [21] i once fed a big mac to a dog and she ate all of it except the middle bread piece. why

— jon hendren (@fart) February 5, 2014 [22]

#creationdebate [23] pic.twitter.com/QtcW82EPbW [24]

— Tim Carter (@timjcar) February 5, 2014 [25]

By the time this boring dork stops talking, I will have evolved into a screaming pathogen. #creationdebate [26]

— Peter H. Lewis (@peterhlewis) February 5, 2014 [27]

I should have designed a drinking game to go with this debate, but we'd all be super trashed by now. #creationdebate [28]

— ProfB (@AntheaButler) February 5, 2014 [29]

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