Class Up Your iPhone or iPod Touch With Blink Cases

Your iPhone and iPod Touch Just Got a Little Classier

Although you only get two options when choosing an iPhone (even less if you're picking up an iPod Touch), you can always express your individuality with a case. I've got plenty of options for you, but if you're looking for something with a little more sizzle, a little more class if you will, check out these slim-fitting Blink Cases ($20-$25).

These sleek and shiny cases hug the curves of your iPhone or iPod Touch without adding bulk and weight to your pocket. And even though they look like a million bucks, they don't cost a fortune. Coming in four different shades to match your sophisticated taste, Blink cases also come correct with a mirrored face plate so you can touch up your lip gloss or smooth out those perfectly placed waves in your hair. Oh, behave.