Chanel Unveils High-Tech Book at New Saks Store in NYC

Haute couture expert and beauty retailer Chanel has just unveiled two new retail spaces at Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York Flagship store. Our very own BellaSugar, who was covering all the beauty trends from Fashion Week, had a chance to check out the newly renovated fragrance and beauty counter, which is said to offer customers an "exclusive environment to experience the world of Chanel in an innovative way." Now for the part that interests me — the illuminated manuscript! Bella was excited to tell me about a plastic-looking book they have on display, which showcases the history of Chanel fragrances. What's neat about this "manuscript" is that the pages will turn via a motion detecting sensor; so once you wave your hands over the book, the page appears as if it's actually turning.

They also have a consultation room that features a “Miroir Lumiere” light box mirror, which is a mirror that utilizes modifiable light technology and is able to mimic natural light from day to evening in Spring, Summer and Winter seasons. Pretty geek chic right?