Celebrities Wearing V-Moda Headphones at the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge

V-moda Wins Over MTV Movie Award Celebs

The MTV Movie Awards kicks off tonight, but lucky celebs headed to the LA-based gifting lounge to pick up a few goodies on Friday, including a pair of chic V-moda Crossfade LP Headphones.

These over-the-ear cans are hot off the presses and come with patent-pending 50mm dual HD drivers that deliver deep bass and super clean highs so your music sounds rich and full, not thin and shrill. Plus, the metal "V" design on the ear pads, along with the three colors — black, gunmetal, and white — keep you in fashion. Comparatively to my current faves, the Beats by Dre Solo HDs, the V-moda Crossfade LPs comes with a three-button remote to control your audio playback, volume and come equipped with a mic so you can take and answer calls from your iPhone 3GS. I can see why these celebs are loving the headphones, besides the fact that they're free. For the rest of us, they weigh in at $250.

Source: WireImage