How well do you know your Captain? You might know the basics, but only the die-hard Picard fan will know the correct answers to some of these questions. So click through to see how well you really know Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

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Where was Captain Picard born and raised?
Napa, CA
On the enterprise
La Barre, France
Wurzburg, Germany
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What are the names of Captain Picard's parents?
Maurice and Yvette
Pierre and Marie
Dominic and Madeline
Louis and Amelie
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What is the Picard family's business?
Enterprise engineers
Wine makers
Goat herders
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Who was Captain Picard NOT romantically involved with?
Beverly Crusher
Katherine Pulaski
Jenice Manheim
Neela Daren
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Captain Picard passed his first Starfleet Academy entrance exam.
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Where did the nausicaan stab Captain Picard?
In the leg
In the heart
In the arm
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What was the first ship Captain Picard commanded?
USS Stargazer
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True or false: Captain Picard's Borg name is Locutus.
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What is NOT one of Captain Picard's favorite things?
Tropical fish
Earl Grey tea
None of the above
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Who taught Captain Picard home remedies?
His mother
Aunt Adele
Beverly Crusher
Katherine Pulaski
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