The Canon Rebel T1i Stands Up to Its Predictions, Competitors

Canon Rebel T1i First Look: Aaa-Mazing

I've been anxiously waiting to get my hands on the Canon Rebel T1i since its release in May, so you can imagine how quickly I ripped open the box when it arrived! I was stoked that Canon could pack such awesome pro options in a camera tagged with a smaller, more manageable consumer price ($899).

For me, the most exciting features coming with Canon's new 15.1 megapixel DSLR are the full HD 1080p video capabilities, a built-in dust removal system, the fun "creative auto" modes that let you experiment with different variations on the regular auto functions, and it also comes stocked with the same light sensor that you'll find on the Canon 50D — a decidedly more "prosumer" camera but that comes with a much bigger price tag.

To find out what else I like about the T1i compared to other DSLRs on the market today, just read more.

I always thought my point-and-shoot did a really good job of capturing images, which means it took me a really long time to jump into the DSLR market. But after messing around with the T1i, it pretty much puts my Sony T100 to shame, and is likely to be the best consumer DSLR for its price. One of the great things about the T1i is the weight. This camera is easily a pound lighter than its competitors, which means you're more likely to take this with you on trips, and in my case, less likely to drop it! Plus, it has a nice big LCD screen on the back so you can easily change your settings, and even use it in the "live view" mode to see your upcoming shots instead of using the viewfinder.

The T1i's controls are very intuitive (instead of mind-boggling like the ones on the Nikon D5000), has a nice grip to it, and sits really well in your hands. I can't wait to use some of the great photography tips we've accumulated and take the T1i for a more in-depth test drive. Stay tuned for a full review and a few sample photos (and video) coming up soon!