Canon Rebel T1i Sample Photos and Photography Tips

Hands On With the Canon T1i (Now With More Photo Tips!)

I finally got some time over the weekend to play around with the Canon T1i and the verdict stands: it's amazing! Not only are the pictures crisp and clear, but overall, the camera is a joy to use. I bought an inexpensive camera bag from Best Buy last week to protect it while en route to various places in the city, and quickly realized how light the T1i really is — a few times I panicked because I wasn't sure the camera was actually in the bag! Needless to say, my heart got a few good workouts in.

I even tagged along with PetSugar to the Ugliest Dog Contest to put the T1i through some trials, and I'd have to say the pictures turned out really well, even if the dogs were really ugly! While out and about over the weekend, I also remembered a few tips that I forgot since getting my first DSLR. Find out what they are and check out the rest of the photos from my weekend with the T1i when you read more.

  • Read the manual: Although I'm familiar with SLR settings, it's always good to really get to know your camera from the inside out. That way, you'll never miss an opportunity to use a cool feature.
  • Pick up a UV filter: You're going to be spending a lot of money on your camera, and even more when you start buying extra lenses. Pick up a UV filter to protect your lens from sun damage. Think of it as sunscreen for your expensive camera parts!
  • Brace yourself: This rule doesn't only apply to SLR photography — use your arms and brace them up against your body for steadier shots. Don't point your elbows out to the sides (as demonstrated in this photo), as this may create movement and thus blurry photos if you aren't super steady on your own.
  • Assume the position: When you're done snapping your photo and are carrying your camera over your shoulder, make sure you always point your lens inward and toward your body. This protects the lens from bumping into any objects and saves you tons of money in repairs or replacement lenses.