Blueprint's DIY Charging Station Blueprint (Teehee)

Blueprint's DIY Charging Station Blueprint (Teehee)

When the legendary though short-lived Blueprint magazine folded, I mourned the loss of another favorite. Not only was Blueprint, a Martha Stewart title, the one magazine I felt that was really made for me, by people like me, but it recognized the three-dimensional female life.

Specifically, Blueprint knew that modern girls are gadget girls — in its inaugural issue, it won me over with this: DIY instructions for a charging station. An attractive, expensive (not DIY-looking at all, incidentally) charging station (perhaps you are familiar with my search).

So I present to you, the instructions for this fabulous charging station, now on Martha Stewart's website (Blueprint's site has gone MIA, but its awesome blog offshoot Bluelines remains).

A note about the suggested boxes for the project: The Container Store no longer has the specific Library Project cases on their website, but still has this striped version; I prefer the look of the solid-color library project cases, so perhaps these office storage boxes or these paper drawers can be adapted. Happy DIYing!