Bluelounge Introduces CableDrop Organizers to Keep Your Cables in Their Place

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em: CableDrop Cable Organizers

If all of your desktop cords refuse to magically become invisible as you secretly wish they would, then you can at least put them in their place with these cable holders from Bluelounge. The adhesive Cabledrop organizers ($10) are just the thing to keep your power, Ethernet, firewire, and usb cords all in one place — and not fall behind your desk — while you stay mobile on your laptop, or keep your desk neat while you work on your trusty desktop.

Coming in a pack of six, the CableDrops aren't just limited to your peripherals — you can use them to wrangle your electric cords, pens, and even secure your headphones to your monitor so you don't lose them to the depths of your desk drawer.