Best Dystopian Novels

Essential Geek Reads: Dystopian Fiction Like Divergent

Essential Geek Reads: Dystopian Fiction Like Divergent

Now that you've read the complete Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth (how are you just 25, V?!) and fallen in love with dystopian fiction, what books could possibly follow the epic, horrifying totalitarian-ness of the Tris and Four saga?

After we posted a POPSUGAR Girls' Guide episode on novels almost as good as Divergent (watch it below), viewers rushed to the comments to input their recommended readings. The suggestions were on point, hitting all of our favorite dark sci-fi elements: a dark, grim vision of the future world; an oppressive regime; and a divided society. Most of these reads even featured a strong female lead and a little bit of romance.

We've compiled suggestions from you and even threw in a little bit of our own. Scroll down for the dystopian fiction novels every geek needs to read, then take a look at our guides to epic fantasy series and science fiction classics.