Amazon Announces the Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device

The Kindle DX Has Landed

This morning in NYC, Amazon's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos officially announced the Kindle DX, the larger-screened (9.7 inches large) wireless reading device. Unlike the Kindle 2 (which holds up to 1,500 books), this bad boy can be filled with 3,500 books with its 3.3 GB of memory. It also features an auto-rotating screen, a built-in PDF reader, and the battery life is said to last four days with wireless on and two weeks when it's off.

As you can probably guess, the bigger screen makes it easier to read books, newspapers, and magazines. And so far, five universities have already agreed to test it out, and three major newspapers will pilot the Kindle DX for a reduced price (the New York Times, Washington Post, and Boston Globe), so that subscribers will sign up for longer time periods. Bezos also revealed that Amazon has signed a partnership with three of the top textbook publishers that account for 60 percent of textbook sales.

You can preorder the device now (which is said to have a Summer release date) for $489.