Adidas Originals Star Wars Shoes Available Today

Star Wars Sneaks Land on Planet Earth Today

George Lucas already owns the word Droid, so he might as well start dabbling in other areas of consumer products, right? Meet the Adidas Originals Star Wars Edition Spring/Summer line. Inspired by characters and scenes from the Star Wars films, these shoes, specialty jackets, and tees will be sold starting today in limited quantities at Adidas Originals stores. You can find retailers online through the brand's amazing theatrical portal, which is fun to watch all the way through. The collaboration doesn't stop there though, as Adidas and LucasFilm are teaming up for a Fall/Winter 2010 line as well.

Additionally, Adidas and Lucas have produced an interesting commercial that features David Beckham, Snoop Dog, and Darth Vader himself. Check it out, and more photos of the shoes, when you read more.